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October 20 2016

From The Paddle Junkie Ultimate Camping / Festival Guide - Fall 2016

The Silver Spinnaker Cooler Sailor Bag has traveled with me many places this summer and I have officially thrown out my small Coleman hard cooler. The convenience of this bag is incredible. Instead of carrying the hard cooler that is clunking against walls or bruising your thighs with an awkward waddle, you can just throw this over your shoulders and be on your way. I have taken it camping in the mountains, boating, to the pool, and tailgating for Red Rock concerts. When the car is packed for camping there is never an issue squeezing the cooler in the car.

Sometimes I get lazy and forget to empty the cooler when I get home and the next day there is still ice with my items nice and cool. Even on hot days where it's 90 degrees and the sun is beating down in Denver this cooler is still doing it's job! The quality of the material has kept up with the beating of our activities and the zipper has never been an issue.

I highly recommend the Silver Spinnaker Cooler for all your summer activities. It will be the perfect size, quality, and style for your adventure!

Of course you can never bring to much stuff when you go camping, just ask the crew who go into the boundary waters with us. But getting a few really nice essentials make your journey all together more enjoyable. Camping is supposed to be about reducing stress and letting go, make sure your gear is up to the challenge and you will have a lot more fun.